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The Revolutionary Way to Pack All Your Cosmetics Has Arrived!

Say NO to rushy and unorganized makeup sessions. See all your makeups and pack up everything instantly!

Ease of Mind with The Cosmo™ Pouch

Time Saver

The quick and easy fold-up design lets you see all your makeup at once, allowing you to grab exactly what you want in an instant.

Travel Friendly

Perfect on the go – Makeup and travelling can be frustrating. But Cosmo™ not only saves time but is made from shock and waterproof material which protects your expensive makeup and cosmetics.

See And Pack Everything Instantly

We Guarantee to Eliminate All Your Makeup Frustrations. Just place everything on the open makeup bag, and pull the strings to close. It really is that simple.

Easy Clean

We’ve all been there, you get a new makeup bag and within 2 days it looks 2 years old. Cosmo™ Unique fabric means minimal to no cleaning is needed!

"The Cosmo pouch was the best purchase of the year! I save so much more time now on mornings when doing my makeup and the best thing is that my countertops are always clean! I highly recommend!"

Jessie M.
Verified Buyer

"Definitely worth the money! Fit all of my many makeup items, and it was sooo convenient to be able to lay it flat and not have to dig through a makeup bag, and then close it and be ready to pack up a second later."

Nicole H.
Verified Buyer

"I’m an unorganized person, and I simply do not have the time or patience to reassemble my makeup products every single day. This product does what it says, it’s quick! And as someone who is constantly on the go, Herbeautylab fits into my lifestyle."

Suzie N.
Verified Buyer

"I use this bag for my makeup. It closes up to a small enough size to store in a little space, but, when open, I can spread all my products out and find what I need quickly without digging around. I love it!"

Meredith R.
Verified Buyer

All Your Makeup In One

Our mission is to make your cosmetics packing effortless and makeup moments more dreamlike and convenient!


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