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Best Foot File – We Rate 10 Top Quality Choices

Taking good care of your feet is often overlooked these days. It’s quite easy for feet to develop minor skin issues. If these skin issues are not treated while they are minor, it can lead to more serious problems. We understand that not everyone has time and money to visit professional spas and podiatrists. Luckily, if you are looking for personal pedicure experience at home, there are a lot of options to suit your needs and your feet condition. The biggest decision you will have to make when choosing a foot file is whether to get an electric or a manual one. We have already reviewed electric callus removers and their benefits so click here to have a look at electric callus removers. In this article we are going to look into manual callus removers.

Manual Foot files are less aggressive and steady when it comes to removing your foot calluses. If you’re worried about cutting yourself, it is also almost impossible to do it with a manual foot file. Manual foot files are very easy to use and you can use them on both wet as well as dry skin. A manual foot file is a convenient option when traveling as it requires no maintenance. To help you choose, we have reviewed top 10 manual callus remover tools..

Flowery Swedish Clover Foot File

Foot File

Flowery Swedish Foot file is a double-sided file and has been designed to be unbreakable. It is made from high quality heavy plastic, so it is a very solid and sturdy foot file. The double-sided feature offers 2 different textures to treat your skin. One side is coarse and the other side is smoother for a softer treatment. This waterproof callus remover comes with 5 year guarantee and won’t peel. Flowery Swedish Clover length is 10.5 inches and 1.5 inches wide at the center. Overall, this tool really works to remove your dry skin without much effort and all in all is great product for the price.

Buddha Bath Foot File

 Foot File

Buddha Bath callus remover is stainless steel dual sided foot file. One side is medium coarse for exfoliating calluses and other side is smooth for buffing. The design of Buddha Bath is very sleek and it has a curved handle for better grip and manoeuvring. It can be used on wet or dry feet. There is almost no maintenance required, you can simply clean it with mild soap, water and air dry. Unlike other foot shavers, this tool is less aggressive, and works steadily to remove calluses without risk of injuring your feet. We like this foot file as it is simple and effective with a sleek design.

Diane European Foot File

 Foot File

This file has 2 different sides - black and red. Red side is to remove calluses and is advised to be used on dry feet only. To remove calluses with the red side, use rapid back and forth motion. Black side helps smoothing your skin after you have treated calluses with the red side. Diane European Foot file is made of beech wood for added durability and is 10 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. If you don't have heavy calluses and you are looking for a great foot file to maintain your feet that this is for you. Great value for money!

Agony of Dfeet Foot File

 Foot File

Agony of Dfeet is a professional callus remover for men and women. It has large ergonomic head and sturdy handle for easier grip. This callus remover is designed with 2 surfaces for quick and easy skin exfoliation. One side is coarse and the other one is fine. Just like the other products we reviewed above, you start with the coarse side of foot file and then finish off with the fine side to smooth your skin. The coarse side or micro- sanding surface works to remove dry skin and reduce cracked heels. Overall, it does the job well without having to rub or apply too much pressure.

Footlogix Foot File

 Foot File

Footlogix callus removal tool is another double sided product that works great on both wet and dry skin. One side is coarse for removing dry skin and other side is fine for smoothing out your skin. A unique feature of this foot file will ensure you don’t shred your skin because it has a multi directional grit that will protect you from getting yourself hurt. The file’s handle has been rubberised and encased in a satin smooth finish for better comfort and grip. The callus remover has been made out of high quality stainless steel and will last you for a very long time. This one is one of our favorites.

Eightwins Foot File

Callus Remover

Eightwins by Dabee Beauty callus remover is a lightweight tool that has been designed with 2 surfaces- coarse and fine. First surface will allow removing calluses and second one will smooth your skin. This foot file has been made out of sturdy plastic and will not bend or break easily. The foot file’s handle is comfortable to hold and not slippery at all.

You want to make using such filee a regular habit. The additional hole this tool has will allow you to do that as you can hang it in the shower instead of putting it away in one of your drawers. The handle is slightly curved, so the angle helps to get better leverage and it’s easy on your arms. Leaving best for last, when you buy this product it actually comes with 2 foot files!

Dr. Scholl’s Foot File

Callus Remover

Dr. Scholl’s stone callus remover exfoliates rough skin and is specially contoured to remove calluses on heels. This product's one side is rounded inwards and other sided is rounded outwards to make it easier to access your foot from all angles. Be aware that this product's stone is very coarse and is advised to be used on dry skin only. This tool is 8.2 inches long and has very comfortable handle to hold on.

Tweezerman soft Grip Foot File

Callus Remover

Tweezerman callus removal tool is 11 inches long and is washable, reusable and long lasting. It has 2 abrasive surfaces, one to remove dry skin and second to buff it smooth. The rubberised easy grip handle is comfortable to hold and is ‘no slip’ so you could be controlled easily. If you turn this tool around, you can use rubber bumps on the handle to massage feet and also for better circulation. This file is designed to reach any area of your feet without difficulty and without applying heavy pressure.

PedEgg Foot File with handle

Callus Remover

PedEgg is professional callus remover that has been engineered with over 135 precision stainless steel micro files that remove calluses. This tool comes with 2 high quality emery buffing pads for that final touch. PedEgg callus remover not only looks great but has been ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hand and the long handle will make it so much easier to reach your feet. This handle also collects all the skin shavings in storage compartment behind the shaving head, allowing you to use it with no mess.

Probelle Hypoallergic Foot File

Foot Callus Remover

Probelle Nickel callus removal tool is double sided and is designed to be used on dry feet only. The handle is very smooth and sturdy for easy use. As with most of the double sided files, one side is coarse for callus removal and other is medium for finishing touches. Both sides, coarse and medium, are sharp and effective. Another benefit to this specific product is that it is very easy to clean and sanitise.

It is hypoallergenic and very safe to use because it prevents skin damage using a technological nickel based surface. Also since it has been made out of nickel metal surface, this callus remover will last you long time.