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Best Electric Callus Remover Review – Our Top 10 Picks

Why would you want to choose electric callus remover when there are so many other tools on the market to choose from? With such a variety of callus removers such as pumice stones, callus shavers, callus gels, manual foot files, it is easy to get confused and know what is best for your skin. This is why we have created a guide about electric callus remover products and which ones are best.

To start off, electric callus removers are far more convenient than manual callus removers. They are more efficient and will save you a lot precious time when dealing with calluses. Electric callus remover is also much more effortless when buffing that cracked, dry skin. Electric foot file is versatile tool to meet your needs, it can be used on heavy, light calluses or just as a part of your weekly pedicure routine. Some of electric callus shavers can be used on wet skin but majority would be recommend to be used on dry skin.

To help you to find one that suit your personal preference, your budget and your feet's condition we have reviewed our 10 electric callus remover picks.

Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico

Electric Callus Remover

The first one on our list is the Naturalico Callus shaver. This foot exfoliation tool gently removes dead skin and minimizes calluses. It is less abrasive and much quicker than manual files and pumice stones. This electric callus remover costs less than what you would pay for regular pedicures to remove that cracked skin and any foot callus.

Beautiful packaging that this callus removal tool comes is a nice touch. This electric callus remover is reasonably priced. It is rechargeable as well as cordless tool that comes with 2 rollers heads and a little brush to clean your rollers. There is a nice led light built in this foot callus removal tool that will guide by illuminating your dry skin patches. There is also a light indicator that turns green once your battery is fully charged. Product design is very practical, simple to use and easy to clean. Water resistant design allows quick and easy washing.

What’s great about this tool that you will not be able to hurt yourself with it simply because it would stop working if you press it against your foot too hard. The battery seems to last long enough for one shaving session. If you do have thick calluses, you will find that the charge doesn’t last that long, but you can use it while connected to the charger. This callus shaver has 2 speeds, so you can customise your experience. We find that high speed combined with the right pressure is the key.

If you have low to medium calluses then this product is for you. However, if you have thick calluses, you will have to use this product quite frequently until you get it under control. This product doesn’t come in more color options which is a minor downside. The led light positioning could be a little better. Some people will find it could use a bit power. In conclusion, it is cheap, well-constructed, gentle but still effective and can be used in the comfort of your home.

Electric Callus Remover by Own Harmony

Electric Callus Remover

This callus remover tool promises spa-guilty results as years of foot callused skin will turn into baby smooth skin. It is perfect for both men and women and is recommended to be used on dry feet. It is fairly powerful electric foot callus remover, so be careful when applying pressure. It comes with one extra roller, small cleaning brush, charger, protective cover and also user manual. Extra rollers are reasonably priced and can be purchased online.

It is chargeable - brilliant so you do not need sets of batteries, and no more messy cords. Once you have charged it, each charge will yield 45 minutes of continuous use. Luckily, battery can be charged 1000 times so this callus removal tool should last you ages. If the charge is very low, you can also use it with the power cord that it comes with.

The roller has a convex curve design that allows you to hit areas like the arch of your feet without any struggle and fits nicely in your hand. The design is ergonomic, very easy to hold and use. It is designed with on and off button that only engages when the security button is pressed to prevent any accidental turning on or off. The roller is spinning 50x per second and is made of quartz crystal micro mineral. The mineral quartz is soothing to your skin and will remove foot callus without hurting your skin. This electric callus remover is built to last, so if you will use it and clean it appropriately, it should last you many months or even years.

This electric callus remover is water resistant but not water proof. So that means it protects against water splashing, but is it not recommended to fully submerge this electric callus remover under water. So do not use it in shower unless you’ve turned off the water.

Electric Foot File

The Amope electric foot file gently but effectively will get rid of hard skin and leave your feet soft and smooth. When ordering this product, you will receive battery operated electric foot file, one coarse roller head, 4 AA batteries and 1 cover. Refillable coarse roller head spins 360 degrees and is designed with diamond crystals to easy remove tough skin by exfoliating your foot through a very gentle and safe rotating action. This electric callus remover is ergonomically shaped with a handle that gives you easy grip.

This electric callus remover is very simple and safe to use at home to remove your dead skin because it does not contain any sharp blades. You can use it by simply inserting the batteries and turning the device on. Before you get started, keep in mind that your feet should be clean and dry. For best results, apply light to medium pressure and finish off with a moisturiser.

If you are not happy with your roller performance or if it has been worn off, you can buy more roller refills since they are easily available on the market. These Amope rollers are either soft touch, regular coarse or extra coarse Amope.

Electric Callus Remover

Care Me is rechargeable electric foot callus remover shaver can be used by both men and women. This product comes with rechargeable foot file, cord to charge and 2 large rollers. With two roller options to suit your needs, one roller is coarse for exfoliating dead skin and the other is with a super coarse for thick calluses. The sanding element on your roller is made out of pumice stone.

This electric foot file’s battery can be charged for a thousand times for 5-8hrs and a single charge will last you for about 40 min. You can also use it while it is charging. The motor spins 40 times per second to exfoliate your feet fast and effectively. As with majority of the electric foot files, this one is also to be used on dry feet only.

Electric Callus Shaver

Emjoi is powerful electric callus remover tool that will buff away your dry, rough calloused skin. This callus remover is electrically operated and has been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This product comes with a charging cord, traveling pouch, a little brush and a free extra coarse roller. So in total you will get 2 coarse rollers. Extra coarse roller is  meant for light to medium thick calluses. Additional coarse roller can be bought in fine grade for more delicate skin areas and extreme coarse rollers for thick calluses.

Emjoi roller spins 360 degrees at 47 times per second, to gently remove hard skin without the hassle of rubbing. These rollers are with micro mineral particles that pulverize dead skin in seconds and no doubt is safer than using blades to cut your skin. Please be aware that this is not a rechargeable electric callus removal tool, it is meant to be corded full time. The benefit of having a foot callus shaver that can be only used with a cord is that it does not get slower with time like battery operated models and has more power. Because of the vibration of the motor it will feel almost like a foot massage. All in all this is a great option for removing calluses painlessly and effortlessly that packs power.

Electric Callus Shaver

Emjoi Nano electric callus remover is powerful, efficient but at the same time gentle and does the job perfectly. This tool is very similar to the Emjoi Pedi Power electric callus remover that we reviewed above. Both callus removers are corded but Emjoi Nano is smaller and has different shape as well as has a rubberized grip. In our opinion, is more convenient if you are often on the go or traveling. Secondly, they are both very powerful callus shavers. But there are just a few things that set them apart. Emjoi Nano runs at 30 times per second but the other, long handled on, as reviewed, runs at 47 times per second. One offers a little bit higher speed but not to such an extent that it would make a huge difference. Emjoi Nano has 2 speeds but Emjoi Pedi Power has only 1. Having 2 speeds definitely gives you more options to suit all your needs as you might find one speed to work better than the other. Lastly, when you will be looking for refills, remember that all micro-pedi refill rollers are compatible will all micro-pedi models.

Electric Foot File

Pedi bunny is a rechargeable electric foot file, that gently but effectively buffs away rough calluses. This product comes with a charger, 3 grinding rollers, cleaning brush and cover. The roller turns in 360 degrees and more roller heads can be repurchased online, if needed. The main feature this product offers is that it is rechargeable, can be charged 1000 times, so no batteries needed. Each charge lasts from 40 to 45 minutes of continues use. Although it is cordless, it can also be used when plugged in.  And it has safety switch lock and ergonomic design that is easy to hold and use.

This electric foot callus remover is rated IPX -5 for water resistance and is water resistant but not water proof. It can be rinsed under tap water but should be used only on dry feet.

Electric Foot File

The Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry electric callus shaver is powerful, effortless and very simple to use. You will be amazed at how easy and effortless it is to get rid of calluses and how efficiently this electric foot file performs. This electric callus remover comes with 1 rechargeable foot file, 1 regular coarse roller head and a charging station with wall plug.

You can tackle your dry feet and cracked heels in the shower now or while in the bath tub because this is the first Amope device that is waterproof. Or you can simply use it on your dry feet while watching TV. The specifically designed roller heads works on hard skin with ease to give you that perfect pedi look and they work equally well on wet or dry skin.

The Amope Foot File is cordless and rechargeable so there is no need to change batteries. Simply place it in the included docking station and plug into the outlet for minimum for 3 hours to enjoy a fully charged device that can be used for over 20 minutes when continuously used. The device is waterproof but should be only charged in dry conditions.

The Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Foot File features a dual speed system to suit your personal preference and your skin condition. Choose 1st speed 'gentle' (low) or 2nd speed 'intensive' (high) to remove your dead skin from feet and cracked heels. The 'intensive' (high) speed is recommended when used on wet skin. Lastly this callus remover tool features ergonomically designed soft touch handle for better grip and your comfort.

Electric Foot File

Utilyze electric foot file comes with beautifully packaged electric foot file, 1 fine coarse roller, 2 extra coarse rollers, roller cover, cleanings brush and charging adapter. The extra coarse rollers are for tougher areas and fine coarse roller is for not so thick areas.

This electric callus remover tool is built with turbo boot motor technology to make it strong and powerful to buff away all your dead skin. Although it is powerful, it is also lightweight and portable so you can take it with you when traveling.

No need to replace batteries because it is rechargeable and it comes with AC adapter for convenient charging. The charge light turns green when fully charged, so you know when it is ready. You can also use it with the charger plugged in.

Lastly, it is water resistant and you can it on wet or dry skin and clean it under tap water. Although it is water resistant it is not waterproof, so you cannot use it in the shower. This electric callus remover has been made with high quality, sturdy ABS material to make it more durable and last you longer.

Callus Remover Tool

The Beautify Beauties Pedi Foot Electronic Pedicure Foot File is an electric callus remover that will help you get rid of dead skin on the feet from the comfort of your own home with ease. It very gently exfoliates the dead skin leaving your feet healthier. This electric callus remover comes with electric foot file, 4 AA batteries, 2 roller heads and a cleaning brush.

This ergonomically shaped portable callus remover runs on disposable 4 AA batteries and detachable rollers that come in concave and flat shapes. The concave and flat shaped rollers are made of micro minerals and can reach every corner of the feet, helping them clean and exfoliate your dry skin. The micro-mineral roller spins 50 times per second at 360 degrees to remove hard, dry skin at any corner on feet within seconds without manual effort.

The usage is very simple, ensuring the feet are dry and just roll away the pedicure file along the length and breadth of your feet. The maintenance of this device is quick and easy as the detachable rollers are water resistant and can be thoroughly rinsed in water.

The design is sleek and ergonomically built. It is very simple, convenient and comfortable to use, and it easily fits into the hands. It is light enough and can be carried during travel. The on and off switches are placed at the right position and it is easy to operate and clean the feet simultaneously.