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Best Callus Shaver – We Review Top Picks

This article will help to decide which is the best callus shaver. Before we dive in, lets do a quick overview of why would someone go for manual callus shavers? Manual callus shavers are cheap and easy to maintain. If any maintenance is required then it usually it is changing blades of shavers. As we review best callus shaver below, not every shaver has blades so even this is not always required. Manual shavers are also waterproof and many of them can be used for both wet and dry skin. So it is easy to take them along on a trip by just putting it in your bag for when you need it. Lets look at top best callus shavers.

Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver With Rasp

Callus Shaver

Let’s start off with the design. This product has a clever design and comes with hidden rasp and unique slide and lock mechanism. This mechanism allows to safely store blade when not in use. Shavers grip is made of a hard plastic, so it is not a flimsy material and is easy to grip without feeling slippery. The product comes only with one blade, however you can easily buy replacement blades online.

When it comes to actually putting this tool to use, be very careful. Both razor and rasp are very sharp. Significant amount of customers suggested, if you have not used similar tools before, it might be tricky to use this tool for the first time. Some took a while to figure out how to move blade cover and how to operate this, seemingly simple, tool.

The downside of this product is that the instructions on the packaging are not clear and does not include any pictures. That must be the biggest drawback. If you get this shaver, a quick tip for you - there is a white piece of plastic at the base of razor, just push down and release it to remove blade cover.

You can use this tool not only for feet but also for your hands. If you are getting calluses from weight lifting, (ie barbells, dumbbells etc) or maybe from manual work, this might be a good alternative for you.

With that said, blade is prone to rust and dullness, so it does get rusty fairly fast, especially if you keep it wet. Overall, Tweezerman is a good callus shaver that will get the job done when removing calluses while smoothing skin at the same time.

Body Toolz Callus Shaver

Callus Shaver

If pumices or files has not worked for you so far, then this tool will. Body Tools shaver is all stainless steel shaver and it is very easy to use and easy to clean. It has good hand balance that help you to manoeuvre and, unlike the product listed above, it comes with 10 blades.

To use this product, first, simply soak your feet or hands in water to soften your skin. Then, once your skin is wet and soft, lightly glide the shaver across callus or corn to remove dead skin. It is best to start off using the shaver lightly to avoid any cuts because the blade appears to be extremely sharp. When using this tool, make sure to angle it well to prevent getting any cuts.

One of the drawbacks is that it is quite difficult to remove the blades when changing them. They seem to break in half (but at least you get 10 of them). You will likely end up changing them often. This callus shaver does not come with instructions so changing the blade might not be very straightforward.

Vip Beauty Shop Callus Shaver

Callus Shaver

Vip Beauty Shop Callus Shaver is a very simple tool to use and it comes with 10 replacement blades. It is cheap, gets the job done and fits your hand perfectly to remove dead skin, corns or cuticles. Just like the previous tool reviewed, this is great for your hands and feet. So if you like to lift your dumbbells or you simply get calluses on your hands from other activities, this will certainly help.

These blades are extremely sharp so must be used with caution. The best way with sharp blades is to start by removing a thin layer of skin without going too deep. This will make sure you don't get any cuts. Remember to soften your skin first. Overall, this is a good product and would be great for anyone with heavy calluses.

Colossal Foot Rasp, File And Callus Remover

Callus Remover

Next up from best callus shavers is Collosal. It comes with sharp blades and a quality stainless steel surface. The surface is quite large and the design itself is rather light which is just makes it easier to work away any dead skin. It can be used on dry or wet skin and will last you long time.

In comparison to other shavers or files, this callus shaver will allow to remove skin with little effort. This must not be taken lightly since very sharp blade also creates a higher risk of tearing too much skin. Overall this is a very easy to use tool and you will be surprised how quickly this callus shaver removes your skin. Just like with other callus shavers, it will work the best when you have softened your calluses.

Sof Feet Callus Reducer

Callus Remover

This callus shaver has been designed by a dermatologist. This product is a very simple tool and will easily allow to smooth rough skin from feet. It does come with 1 screen but you can always buy another one if necessary since they are replaceable. This callus shaver works best when your feet are dry, for example, before taking a shower or before you’ve applied any cream to your feet. You really don’t need a manual for this callus shaver. All it takes is to have a look at it and you can see how it works. Despite its simplicity, it is an effective shaver. Just make sure not to work it too hard since it feels a bit like sandpaper, rubbing too much can take away too much but overall the product is safe to use.

Tweezerman Proffesional 2 Way Callus Shaver

Callus Remover

Tweezerman is a stainless steel shaver with high quality blades. It will not get rusty and should last a good while. Tweezerman is good for dealing with both corn and callus removal. Unlike Soft Feet, this product works best with wet skin like all products that have blades. You can use this callus shaver for hands and feet as long as you soften the skin in advance. The downside is that this callus shaver does not come with instructions. On the other hand, there is nothing complex about this product. Just grab a hold of the simple handle and work away any dead skin. The stainless steel blades are easy to replace. Some customers have mentioned that the blades come apart too easily. It also does not come with any replacement razors. Apart from this, a simple callus shaver that will help deal with any type of calluses.

Comfy Mate Pedicure Callus Shaver

Callus File

Comfy Mate Pedicure is a great foot file that has two sharp and effective blades. This callus shaver easily removes a thick callus, dry tough skin and works well on both wet and dry feet. The sturdy plastic handle and a stainless steel frame will ensure that this callus shaver lasts you a long time. Design-wise, it is a light weight product that you can easily keep in your bag on the move. The blades are replaceable and value-wise, it’s a wonderful product. A few customers have mentioned that blade pops out when using pressure but that has not been a common experience for most customers.